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Creatively Coping With COVID19

As we all hunker down in our homes avoiding COVID19, let us not allow fear to drive our mindset. #FocusedNotFearful S/O to the all the janitorial services, volunteers and staff delivering meals to children at home, those packing food boxes for families in need, delivery drivers, and the community as a whole supporting for local restaurants so business owners can keep doors open to pay their staff when workers need it most. We thank you and appreciate your sacrifice. Since no one has ever seen a shutdown of this magnitude, there are plenty of unexpected emotions and frustrations floating around as parents work remotely, home-school their kiddos, and even potentially face making difficult decisions of choosing to feed their kids, pay rent and utilities or buy necessary medicine to get through the next month or two.

This mandated exercise of social distancing is simply what I call a conscious concern, not panic, to save as many lives as possible going forward. To be honest, this is actually my first day not leaving the house or heading to the gym (yes, Sportsclub is still open at the moment) or to the TP barren grocery store. Regardless as to who you're in favor of winning the 2020 election, it's time that we put politics aside and focus on the task at hand, which is to remain healthy--mentally, physically and emotionally--until we reclaim our personal freedom. The CDC has been doing an excellent job keeping us informed of all updates and risks, so please take advantage of this time to read about preventing any further spread of the virus HERE:

As we continue to educate ourselves as to how and why this shutdown is happening, here are a few ways we can creatively #CopeWithCOVID19

1. Reflect and display gratefulness. Yes, we're ALL dealing with a lot right now. But that shouldn't stop you from realizing how lucky we may be to have the funds on-hand to prepare for this shelter-in-place, food to eat and being blessed to have a roof over our heads. Our comforts may be compromised, but reflecting on what we do have helps us forget what we may be lacking. Mindfulness is a great way to tap into being actively grateful. Volunteering to serve others also helps you come to terms with your own personal level of gratitude. *Note: Only volunteer if you are healthy providing safe distances from those who may be sick or showing symptoms.

2. Create or learn something new. There are many ways to fill your time during this COVID19 lockdown, so make sure you are making time to expand your mind-- not just entertaining yourselves to get through the day. Hulu, Disney+, and Netflix and Chill will only take you so far as you catch up on Ozark, Little Fires Everywhere and my personal favorite, Planet Earth. Open your mind to learning a new craft, read a book or article about a foreign subject, or listen to a podcast to begin a path toward a new passion. Check out these outstanding resources for youth and adults to pass the time. After all, knowledge is power.

3. Share your newfound love or craft. If you don't want to set a hard goal to complete a project in the next two weeks (at minimum), then simply share your progress with family, friends or just do something for fun to broaden your horizons. I've recently decided to refresh my Spanish with Mango to offer more diverse voice over services and blog on a more consistent basis :) Be open during this time to acquiring new skills that can catapult your career or unique skill set to another level.

To practice what I preach, here's a digital link to enjoy one of my first children's books to past the time with your little ones.

Bibi and The Great Outdoor Adventure

In conclusion, developing new habits and creating a solid structure will not only keep you busy and less fearful during these unsure times, but it will also prevent you from losing ground and gaining couch potato pounds when we're finally released from our COVID19 hibernation. #FocusedNotFearful

Above all else, stay safe and healthy!

Air hugs,

Brittney Brackett

Outstanding Youth Initiative, Founder & Executive Director

b dynamic! Productions, Operations Manager

5 years of giving, serving and leading youth
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